Overdraft Protection

Life can add up quick - sometimes before you know it. Everybody spends a little more than they thought they had every once in awhile. At Auburn Community FCU, we’re here to help prevent a few mistakes from being a mountain of debt.

What is Overdraft Protection?

Overdraft protection is a way to make sure you can still pay for things even when your checking account’s funds run out. To sign up for overdraft protection at Auburn Community FCU…

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Types of Overdraft Protection

Auburn Community FCU provides two ways to prevent your account from being overdrafted. One form of overdraft protection offered by Auburn Community FCU is overdraft protection through shares. Another form of overdraft protection is an Overdraft Line of Credit.

Both Overdraft Protection from shares and an Overdraft Line of Credit can be provided, offering even greater protection from overdrafts. When opting for both types of overdraft protection, simply choose which type of Overdraft Protection should take effect first.

Overdraft Protection with Shares
Overdraft protection with shares can help prevent non-sufficient funds fees. When you have overdraft protection with shares, you’re only charged the cost of a transaction that causes an overdraft plus an overdraft by shares fee. Please refer to our fee schedule for applicable fees for this service. These costs are then automatically covered by what’s in your Auburn Community FCU Savings Account.

Don’t Worry with Overdraft Protection with Shares

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Overdraft Protection from a Line of Credit
Another form of overdraft protection offered from Auburn Community FCU is an Overdraft Line of Credit. An Overdraft Line of Credit is a line of credit that is accessible when you make a purchase and don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover the costs. An advance is made from your Overdraft Line of Credit for the amount needed to cover the transaction, plus a small fee. Please refer to our fee schedule for applicable fees for this service. Our overdraft line of credit has a maximum of $500. View Overdraft Line of Credit Rates here.

Get Overdraft Protection

Whether you want overdraft protection from shares, an Overdraft Line of Credit, or both, Auburn Community FCU makes getting protected possible.

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