Credit Disability Insurance

Life happens. Over 37 million Americans are disabled, and over 1 in 4 people who are 20 years old today will become disabled before retirement. People who become disabled are faced with a lot of questions, mainly “what do I do next?” and “how will I provide for myself and my family?”

Credit disability insurance helps to answer these questions, providing peace of mind that a disability doesn’t have to mean crippling debt.

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What is Credit Disability Insurance?

Similar to credit life insurance, credit disability insurance helps borrowers and their loved ones make loan payments up to the policy maximum if the borrower becomes totally disabled from an injury or illness that is covered by credit disability insurance.

Becoming disabled can significantly impact a borrower’s income, making what were once acceptable monthly payments seem overwhelming. Credit disability insurance provides peace of mind and financial assistance, making what could otherwise be unaffordable loan payments possible to pay back.

Features of Credit Disability Insurance from Auburn Community FCU

Auburn Community FCU’s credit disability insurance is available for those ages 66 or younger. For added flexibility, credit disability insurance is available in either single or joint coverage. Credit disability insurance keeps you protected faster, as coverage begins on a borrower’s enrollment date.

Credit disability insurance is underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company. Credit disability insurance is an optional purchase that will not impact a loan application. Some eligibility requirements and exclusions may apply for credit disability insurance.

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What are the Benefits of Credit Disability Insurance?

No one plans on becoming disabled, but it happens to millions of people in the U.S. While the numbers can be hard to comprehend, the struggles that come with becoming disabled are all too real for the people that it happens to. They are hardworking fathers and mothers trying to provide for themselves and their families who can find it hard to get by after a disability that impacts their income.

When someone does become disabled, credit disability insurance makes the financial burden that comes after a little more manageable. With credit disability insurance, loan payments that could otherwise be difficult to consistently pay can become affordable.

You can also pay your credit disability insurance premium as part of your loan payment, which can make paying your bills simple.

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