Fee Schedule

Effective: January 1, 2017

Please note that effective 7/1/21, the following Fees will be Changed:

  • IRA Annual Maintenance Fee
    • This fee will be eliminated.
  • Dormant Account Fee Increase
    • This fee will be increased from $2.00 per month after one year of dormancy (no account activity) to $15.00 per month after one year of dormancy.
  • Credit Union Issued Checks will be $1.00 Each
    • There will no longer be one free credit union issued check per month, nor will there be a $3.00 charge for each credit union check issued thereafter in the same month. All credit union issued checks will have a fee of $1.00.
  • Non-Member Check Cashing Fee
    • Non-Members will be charged $5.00 per item to cash credit union issued checks or member share drafts drawn of of member share draft accounts.
  • Reduce Early Account Closure Fee
    • The Early Account Closure Fee will be reduced from $25.00 to $5.00 when a member closes their primary share account within 90 days of opening the account.
ATM and Visa Check Card Fee
ACFCU ATM and Participating Allpoint ATM Surcharge Fee  Free
NON-ACFCU or NON-Participating Allpoint ATM Surcharge Fee (Above Includes Withdrawals, Inquiries, Transfers)   $1.00 per Transaction
Point-Of-Sale (DEBIT or POS Transaction) Fee  $0.25 per Transaction
Card Replacement Fee  $5.00
PIN Reminder Fee  $3.00
Overnight Delivery Visa Card per card (Pass-Through Cost) $60.00 or current rate in effect
Overnight Delivery Visa Card PIN per PIN (Pass-Through Cost)  $60.00 or current rate in effect
Research Fee $20.00 per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)
Research Fee $20.00 $20.00 per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)
Courtesy Pay Fee  $25.00 per Item
Visa Gift Card  $3.50 per card
All Shares and Share Draft Checking Accounts Fee
Automatic Overdraft Transfer From Savings  $5.00 per Item
Automatic Overdraft Transfer From Money Market or Club Accounts  NOT ALLOWED
Advances From Overdraft Line of Credit - Fees  $5.00 per advance
Non Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF Fee)  $25.00 per Item
Courtesy Pay Fee  $25.00 per Item
Uncollected Funds Fee  $25.00 per Item
Deposited Item Returned (Return Check Fee)  $15.00 per Item
Stop Payment Fee $15.00 Per Item
Stop Payment Fee - Block of Checks $35.00 per Block
Tax Club Withdrawal Fee 
(Withdrawal Fee only assessed for Withdrawals other than for Taxes or Homeowners Insurance)
Account Closure Fee
(Account Closure Fee only assessed if account is closed within 90 days of when it was opened)


Effective 7/1/21 this fee will be reduced to $5.00.

 Online Bill Pay Inactivity Fee  $5.00 per month (if inactive 90 days or more)
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) Fee
Annual IRA Maintenance Fee 
(fee waived for members who have an active loan in good standing)

$15.00 per year per IRA charged to IRA Account on January 15th

Effective 7/1/21 this fee will be eliminated.

IRA Closure / IRA Transfer Fee  $25.00 per closure or transfer
Research Requests Fee
Statement Copies  $2.00 per Statement
Check Copies  $2.00 per Check / $5.00 per check if older than one year
Account Reconciliation  $20.00 per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)
Account History Copy (Computer Printout)  $2.00 per Occurrence
Miscellaneous Fee
Money Orders  $2.00 Each 
Wire Transfers - Outgoing  $15.00
Credit Union Checks 

1 Free per Month / $3.00 Each Thereafter

Effective 7/1/21 one free per month will be eliminated. All credit union checks will be $1.00 per check. 

Notary Service  No Fee
Dormant/Inactive Account Fee (Regular Share Balances below $500.00) 

$2.00 per Month (After 1 Year)

Effective 7/1/21 this fee will be increased to $15.00 per Month after one year of dormancy.

Dormant Account / Escheat Processing Fee  $5.00
Mail Handling / Return Mail Fee $5.00
Legal Services / Orders  $50.00
Check Protest Fee  $15.00
Loan Modification Fee
(May Request After One Year's Worth of Payments) 
Loan Subordination Fee  $250.00
Mortgage Discharge Fee  $50.50 or current municipal rate in effect
Mortgage Discharge Replacement Fee  $25.00
Loan Coupon Book (Per Book)  $25.00
Lien Release Copy  $10.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee - Effective 7/1/21 Effective 7/1/21 non-members will be charged $5.00 per item to cash checks drawn off the credit union or member share drafts drawn of of member share draft accounts.