Loan Payment Options

Whether you have a home loan, personal loan, home equity loan, home equity line of credit or auto loan from Auburn Community Federal Credit Union, we offer flexible loan payment options. This allows you to choose the loan payment option that’s best for you.

Read more about our loan payment options below.

Loan Payment With Payroll Deduction

Making loan payments through payroll deduction allows you to make your payments directly to Auburn Community FCU from your paycheck. Payroll deduction may not be available for everyone, as this is an option that’s available on an employer by employer basis. Ask your employer if they offer payroll deduction for your loan payments.

Advantages of Payroll Deduction

Making loan payments with payroll deduction ensures that your loan payments are made on time. Because of this, payroll deduction for loan payments can help protect your credit rating and avoid late fees.

Loan Payment With Automatic Transfer

Similar to payroll deduction but more widely accessible, automatic transfer allows Auburn Community FCU members to allow for their loan payments to be directly made from their checking or savings account. Payments are automatically transferred from your checking or savings account on the payment due date. Automatic transfer requires that enough funds are available in your checking or savings account to make loan payments. Because these payments are made automatically, you don’t have to worry about rushing to make loan payments on time.

Loan Payment by Cash or Check

We will always accept cash or check for your loan payment. However, there may be a discount offered for members who choose payroll deduction or automatic transfer to make their loan payments.