Credit Life Insurance

What were once manageable monthly loan payments may become difficult to handle when something unexpected occurs. We’re here to help with credit life insurance.

What is Credit Life Insurance?

Credit life insurance is a form of life insurance that helps reduce or pay off an eligible loan balance within the limits of the policy maximum in the event that the borrower passes away.

Features of Credit Life Insurance from Auburn Community FCU

Auburn Community FCU’s credit life insurance is available for people 70 years old or younger. Conveniently, credit life insurance coverage is available as a single or joint account. With coverage that begins on your enrollment date, you’re protected almost instantly.

Details About Our Credit Life Insurance Policies

Auburn Community FCU’s credit life insurance is underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company. Credit life insurance is an optional purchase and has no impact on an applicant’s loan application. Additional eligibility requirements and exclusions for credit life insurance may apply.

For more details on credit life insurance and to discover if credit life insurance is a good idea for your loan, contact us today.

What are the Advantages of Credit Life Insurance from Auburn Community FCU?

Credit life insurance can make a big difference if something unexpected happens that significantly changes you or your family’s financial situation. The loss of a loved one is always emotionally devastating. Credit life insurance helps to ensure that the passing of a loved one leaves behind fond memories, passing on a legacy rather than a burden of debt.

For your convenience, your credit life insurance premium can be included in your loan payment, simplifying your monthly payments.

Protect Your Loved One’s Future With Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance can help prevent an inheritance of debt that can be hard to handle for surviving family members. If you’re interested in credit life insurance, contact us today.