Audio Response Teller Number


NMLS# 798535

Visa Check Card

Need to write a check, but forgot your checkbook? No problem. Use your Visa Check Card anytime you need to write a check. Your purchase amount and any cash back you request are automatically deducted from your Checking Account. Accepted worldwide at restaurants, department stores, gas stations - anywhere Visa is accepted, this card gives you the convenience of accessing your funds when you need them.

The Visa Check Card allows members to access funds at ATMs wherever Visa is accepted.

24 Hour Drive-Up ATM
Access our ATM located at the drive-up at the credit union any time.
Coin Center - Coin Counting Machine

Stop wasting time rolling your pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters! Now bring your spare change to the credit union, take it up to our teller line, and we'll drop it into our self-service coin sorting machine and let the machine do the work for you! After the machine tallies up your change, you will receive your money or you can make a deposit into your account.

Please sort your coins before bringing them in to make sure that they are free from debris. Please be aware that we do not accept Canadian coins, so sort them out before bringing your coins to the credit union.

This service is available only to members of Auburn Community FCU. As a result of this service, we will no longer be accepting rolled coin.

Overdraft Protection

We offer our members two different types of Overdraft Protection - by shares or through a line of credit. Overdraft Protection by shares costs the member nothing more than the funds that are needed to clear a check, Visa Check Card, or ATM Card transaction. If your checking account has insufficient funds to complete a transaction, funds are transferred from your Regular Shares Savings account so that the transaction can be completed. Overdraft Protection by Credit transfers funds from an available line of credit so that a transaction may be completed. Overdraft Lines of Credit are available up to $500. Many members choose to have both types of Overdraft Protection on their account, having one type accessed first before the other. Please speak with the loan department if you would like to have an Overdraft Line of Credit set up on your account. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees that may be associated with Overdraft Protection.

Drive-Thru "Express Teller" Service

We offer our members the convenience of a drive-up teller during business hours. We ask that members please note that only the following transactions are accepted at the Drive-Thru:

  • Deposits - No Cash Transactions Over $1,000
  • Withdrawals - No Cash Transactions Over $1,000
  • Transfers

Please have your membership card or account number ready at the time of your transaction, and have your transaction slip completely filled out. Always be ready to present your driver's license for identification purposes.

Audio Response System

Access your accounts via the telephone at any time of day or night. Dial (315) 282-0175 to access our Audio Response System. You will be asked to enter your member number and your personal identification number. The personal identification number that you use for the Audio Response System is not the same as your PIN for your ATM or Visa Check Card. Your PIN will be assigned to you when you open your account.

Follow the menu prompts to access account balances, transfer funds, listen to your account history, and much more. If you need assistance accessing your accounts using our Audio Response System, please call member service at (315) 253-2934.

Direct Deposit

Save yourself an errand during your busy day by using Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit allows you to deposit your entire paycheck into either your checking or savings account. Then, you can use Home Banking or our Audio Response System to manage your funds.

Ask your employer if they offer Direct Deposit to their employees. If they do, please give them the following information to set up your Direct Deposit:

Routing and Transit or ABA Number: 221373451
Your Account Number: This is your member number.
Specify whether you want your check deposited to your checking or savings account.

Night Deposit
We offer our members a night deposit that is located in the left drive-up lane. Please do not deposit cash in the night deposit.
Payroll Deduction

This service varies by employer, so ask your employer if they offer this service.

Payroll Deduction allows you to allocate funds from your paycheck to specific accounts at the credit union. For example, you could authorize your employer to deduct $200 from each paycheck and send that amount to the credit union. You could then divide the funds between a savings deposit of $50.00 and a loan payment of $150.00. The rest of your check you can either have directly deposited into your account, or issued to you by your employer.

Payroll Deduction is a great budgeting tool, and many members use payroll deduction to make their loan payments. Not only does payroll deduction save you a trip to the credit union to make a loan payment, it is also a great way to set aside a small amount of money each paycheck to save toward a vacation, christmas gifts, or even a towards a downpayment for a home.

File Transfers

If your employer does not offer Payroll Deduction, but you would still like to automatically set aside funds each pay period to go towards loan payments or specific accounts, then File Transfers are the way to go.

Funds can be transferred to any accounts whenever you want. For example, if your check is direct deposited to your checking account bi-weekly, you can transfer funds from your checking account to a Christmas Club, loan payment, even to another member number that you have with the credit union bi-weekly when your check is deposited. You may also choose to have funds transferred weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.

Please note that once you set up a File Transfer, you must contact the credit union to discontinue future transfers.

Personal Money Orders
Personal Money Orders are available up to $1,000.00. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees that may be associated with Money Orders.
American Express(R) Traveler's Checks
Stop by the credit union before your next vacation or business trip to pick up some traveler's checks. They are a great way to make sure that you have funds available to you if you should ever have your wallet or purse lost or stolen. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees that may be associated with Travelers Cheques.
Wire Transfers

We offer members the service of wiring funds for domestic wire transfers. Please be sure to have all of your information for your wire transfer to the credit union no later than noon to help ensure that funds will be available on that same day at the destination of the wire transfer. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees that may be associated with Wire Transfers.

The following is the information that you will need to complete a domestic wire. However, we strongly encourage you to contact the financial institution that you are wiring funds to so that you can make sure that we have the correct information to send funds to that financial institution:

  • Your member number with Auburn Community FCU.
  • The account (i.e. checking, savings) that you have available funds to wire from at Auburn Community FCU.
  • The name of the financial institution that you are wiring funds to.
  • Routing and transit number of the financial institution you are wiring funds to.
  • Account number at the financial institution where the funds will be deposited.
  • The name of the account holder at the financial institution where the funds will be wired to.
  • The address of the account holder at the financial institution where the funds will be wired to.
Notary Service
This is a free service available to our members. We have employees on staff who are Notary Publics. Please call ahead if you need to have documents signed by a Notary, so that we can be sure that there is an employee at the credit union that can sign your documents when you arrive.

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