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When a Personal Loan Beats a Credit Card
(9/24/2015) - Short on available funds? The first reaction is often to reach for a credit card when a significant amount is needed to get a car fixed or go on a vacation. However, in many cases, taking out a personal loan may be the wiser choice, and it can cost less too.
Christmas Comes Early - Christmas Clubs Transfer on 9/30/15
(9/24/2015) - On September 30, 2015 funds will be transferred from Christmas Clubs to your Regular Shares Savings Account so you can get a head start on your Holiday shopping. Payroll Deductions and Transfers to Christmas Clubs will continue as usual so you can build up your Christmas Club balance for next year.

Don't have a Christmas Club? Give us a call or request to open one via Home Banking by sending us a message. Christmas Clubs are a great way to save for the Holiday Shopping Season every year!

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